Synthetic Chemical Biology Services

Synthetic Chemical Biology Core, a part of the Center for Chemical Biology of Infectious Diseases (CBID) and Center for Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways (CMADP), strives to provide comprehensive synthetic chemistry capabilities to investigators under one roof.

The synthetic expertise of the core includes, but is not limited to, novel and commercially unavailable small molecules, fluorescent molecules and peptides. The core assists in identifying hits for medicinal chemistry optimization in infectious disease targets and provides synthesis capabilities for structure activity studies of said hits. The core staff will work with investigators to design and synthesis novel molecular probes to facilitate their research.

Services provided by the core include:

  • Novel and commercial unavailable small molecule synthesis​
  • Fluorescent molecule synthesis
  • Peptide synthesis
  • Design and synthesis of novel molecular probes
  • Quality control and analysis of compounds
  • Structure-activity relationship studies based on HTS campaigns

chemist working in a laboratory safety cabinet